RAW & REAL: How to Live Your Best Life is a book that Samantha J. felt was needed for a lot of us to move forward in life and be happy doing it. She talks about different people who have dealt with many things in life and learned to bounced back to ensure they could now “Live their best life.”

We all have problems with many upsets of life. Samantha will discuss everything from Divorce, Acceptance, Abuse, Depression and Forgiveness. There are so many people that have had the worst past and end up creating the best future by simply learning to forgive their past life experiences and move on. You will learn how your strength can be your breaking point for a wholesome life and how to become a true survivor. You will see through her chapters things you can give up on in order to get up on a new level of life. With painful honesty and fearless truth, she will unveil the process of healing in order to move in a direction of peace. She encourages, entertains and even kicks a little butt to convince and give you the confidence to become the confident man or woman that you’re designed to be.

Within the pages of this book, discover how to change your focus and energy —not fighting the old — but building a new you.

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Other Works


Description: The “Woman Cheater Making it Do What it Do, Not My Way”, is a book that will leave you on edge about The Women Cheaters. This book picks up on the life of five women from the beginning to the end of their saga.

You will meet, The Wifey, Karen, Baby Momma, Chiquita, Home Wrecker, Joyce, Down Low Sister, Emily and the Church Girl, Sara. All these women have so much in common, yet their lives make a big turn for the worse when they decide to do things their way.
Karen’s life turns upside down when she realizes the mistakes she made will end up being a risk for her husband and children. She has cheated for the last time. Who was she really cheating on?

Chiquita starts out a teen mother, and ends up realizing the changes in her life with multiple baby daddies can make her or break her. Will she make it? One way or another, she’s determined to make some type of change, good or bad.

Joyce has wrecked her last home. Is cheating with someone’s husband worth her risking her life, or can she move to the next level and leave other women husbands alone.

Emily has to decide if she’s going to deal with a woman or the man she is so in love with. Is she really in love with a woman, or does she not know what love truly is until she meets her match and almost loses everything that’s so important to her.

Sara has been so holy rolly, until she forgets who God really is and what He has done for her. She has to choose between the churches or her family. Either way she can risk it all over the wrong man.

These women will “Make it do what it do,” but they will end up turning it around… not their way at all to survive all the turmoil in their lives.

“Woman Cheater, Making it Do What it Do, Not My Way”, will make you laugh, cry, and leave you in disbelief. Where love not only takes chances, but can turn your world upside down. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
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Description: Simone Johnson has lived in hell and back again. She realizes that living in Hell becomes a continuous life style for her. She must love it because she keeps dating online meeting the same types of men with the same types of problems. Simone is ready to live a new life style with a different kind of love. She now has to pay the price for all her past mistakes. She does not realize that the best man for her has been sitting in front of her all along. Can she stop looking for online love to see what’s right in front of her or will she continue paying the price to live in “Hell”? Simone has to change her mindset and stop looking for Mr. Right Now in order for Mr. Right to come along.

Gordon Wilson is a educated man and one of the most gorgeous available men in the town of Rochester New York. Gordon is a church going man, professional man and a successful business man. He has a past like most of us and he allows his mother to have a part in it all. He has to come to terms with living in hell continuously or stepping out to conquer all things in his life. His main problem is that he uses his church image to attract women. Gordon is now on the hunt for a wife but he has some demons he has to conquer before moving forth into yet another relationship. Sinclair Rogers was totally out of control in her life. She starts out a
professional dancer and ends up a stripper. She wants out of the game but does not know how to let go the glamor and the money. She wants a normal life, children and a man who can truly love her. Will she find a life of love in the strip club or will she have to turn her life over to a higher power to get control of all the HELL that’s showing up in her life. “You shouldn’t find someone else until you find yourself.” – Will Koz
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Toxic Side Effects

Description: Toxic Side Effects captivates the reality of just how the past can interrupt our minds for our future. Even at what we feel is the peak of life, we can have all kinds of skeletons fall from our closet. A lot of times our issues stem from how we grew up. What we also fail to understand is that generational curses can cause so many dangerous side effects in our lives. What was done to actually make us feel like we deserved all the pain that surpasses all understanding?

This book will take you into the saga of the Robinson family. You will see how a single mother’s lifestyle has taken her children around the pain and disappointments that caused some of her toxic behavior. What she endured caused many problems for all of her children, especially Faith, Mimi and Seth.

Toxic Side Effects will take generational curses to another level with this family and have you looking in your heart for forgiveness, breaking chains of hurt and pain.

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